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Chemical Compatibility
This chart is intended only as a Guide. Users should verify chemical compatibility based upon experimentation with specific filter under actual use conditions:
chemical compatibility is affected by many variables, including temperature, concentration and length of exposure.
- Chemical compatibility data :This data is presented as a customer service. Accuracy can not be guaranteed.
- Variables in customer use such as concentrations, purity, temperature, pressure, time and various chemical combinations prevent complete accuracy.
Data Interpretation Chemical Compatibility Observations are Divided into Three Categories as Follows :
R - Recommended : No significant changes observed in performance, physical properties, dimensions or visible indication of chemical attack of the cartridge filter.
LR - Limited Recommended : Moderate changes in physical properties or dimensions of the cartridge filter were observed.
Filter may be suitable for short-term exposure at low pressure and ambient temperatures.
NR - Not Recommended : The cartridge filter is basically unstable. In most cases, extensive shrinking or swelling occurs. Filter may gradually weaken or partially dissolve after extended exposure Temperatures.
Filter media
Chemicals PP PES PTFE
Acids PP    
Acetic acid, glacial R R R
Acetic acid, 90% R R R
Acetic acid, 30% R R R
Acetic acid, 10% R R R
Hydrochloric acid, conc R - R
Hydrochloric acid, 6N R R R
Nitric acid, conc. R - R
Nitric acid, 6N R R R
Sulfuric acid, conc. R   R
Sulfuric acid, 6N R   R
Phosphoric R   R
Chromic acid, conc. R    
Hydrofluoric acid, 6N R R R
Amyl alcohol R R R
Benzyl alcohol, 100% R   R
Benzyl alcohol, 3% R   R
Butanol R R R
Ethanol R R R
Isopropanol R R R
Methanol R R R
Aromatic Hydrocarbons      
Benzene NR NR LR
Toluene NR   LR
Xylene NR   LR
Ammonium hydroxide, 3N R   R
Ammonium hydroxide, 6N R   R
Potassium hydroxide, 3N R    
Sodium hydroxide, 3N R   R
Sodium hydroxide, 6N R   R
Amyl acetate R   R
Butyl acetate LR    
Cellosolve acetate R    
Ethyl acetate LR   R
Isopropyl acetate R   R
Methyl acetate R    
Ethyl ether LR   R
Isopropyl R   R
Dioxane R    
Tetrahydrofuran R   R
Chemicals PP PES PTFE
Ethylene glycol R R R
Glycerine R R R
Propylene glycol R R  
Halogenated Hydrocarbons      
Carbon tetrachloride LR R R
Chloroform NR R R
ChlorotheneR NU NR    
Ethylene dichloride LR    
FreonR TF LR    
Freon TMC LR   R
GenosolvR D -    
Methylene chloride LR R LR
Perchloroethylene NR    
Trichlorethylene NR    
Acetone R R R
Cyclohexanone R R R
Methyl ethyl ketone R   R
Methyl isobutyl ketone R   R
Cottonseed oil R    
Lubrication oil MIL-L-7808 R    
Peanut oil R    
Sesame oil R    
White petrolatum R    
Positive R    
Negative R    
Acetonitrile LR   R
Aniline LR    
Dimethyl formamide R   R
Dimethyl sulfoxide R   R
Formaldehyde, 37% LR   R
Formaldehyde, 4% R   R
Gasoline NR   LR
Hexane, dry NR    
JP-4 R    
Kerosene R    
Nickel sulfate solution R    
Phenol, liquified R    
Pyridine LR NR  
Skydrol500 -    
Tupentine LR    
Water R    
O-ring materials
Chemicals EPR Viton Silicone PTFE
Acetic Acid, Glacial LR NR R R
Acetone R NR R R
Acetonitrile R NR NR R
Alconox 1% - - - -
Ammonium Hydroxide R R R R
mmonium Sulfate Saturated R R R R
Amyl Acetate R NR NR R
Amy Alcohol R R NR R
Benzene NR R NR R
Benzyl Alcohol R R R R
Boric Acid R R R -
Butyl Acetate R NR NR -
Butyl Alcoho R R R R
Carbon Tetrachloride NR R NR R
Cellosolve(Ethyl) R NR NR -
CHAPS(zwitterionic detergent) - LR - -
Chloroform NR R NR R
Cychlohexanone LR NR LR R
Diethyl Pyrocarbonate 0.2% - - - -
Dimethyl Sulfoxide NR NR NR R
Dimethylacetamide NR NR R -
Dimethylformamide LR NR R R
Dioxane NR NR NR R
Ether NR NR LR -
Ethyl Acetate LR NR NR -
Ethyl Alcohol R R LR R
Ethylene Glycol R R R R
Formaldehyde R NR R R
Formic Acid 50% R - R -
Freon TF or PCA NR R R -
Gasoline NR R NR R
Glycerine(Glycerol) R R R R
Guanidine HCI 6M R - - -
Guanidine Thiocyanate 5M R - - -
Helium R - R -
Hexane NR R NR R
Hydrochloric Acid 1N NR R R R
Hydrochloric Acid 6N NR R R R
Hydrochloric Acid Conc NR NR R R
Hydrofluoric Acid NR NR NR R
Hydrogen R R NR -
Hydrogen Peroxide 3% R R R R
Hydrogen Peroxide 30% R R R R
Hydrogen Peroxide 90% NR R NR -
Hypo (photo) Na R R R R
Isobutyl Alcohol R R R R
Isobutyl Acetate R NR NR R
Isobutyl Alcohol R R R R
Kerosene NR R NR -
Latic Acid 50% R R R -
Lubrol PX - - - -
Mercaptoethanol 0.1M R NR - -
Methyl Acetate R NR NR R
Methyl Alcohol R R R R
Methylene Chloride NR NR NR R
Mineral Spirits NR R NR -
Nltric Acid 6N R R NR R
Nltric Acid (Conc.) NR R NR R
Nitrobenzene NR R NR R
Nitrogen R R R -
Nonudet-P 40 R - - -
Ozone R NR NR -
Paraldehyde R NR R -
Pentane NR R NR R
Petroleum Ether NR R NR -
Phenol R R NR -
Potassium Hydroxide 3N R R NR -
Pyridine NR NR NR R
Sillcone Oils NR R NR -
Sodium Carbonate R R R -

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